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Latest Mutual Fund Articles

Mutual Fund Representative

Mutual Fund Representative is an agent working on behalf of mutual fund companies as an advisor channel and are able to sell funds through a registered mutual fund dealer. Most Mutual Fund Representatives are licensed and registered to receive commissions and or trailer fees in order to service the financial clients mutual fund portfolio needs.

Some mutual funds are sold through major financial institutions and are not sold through an advisors channel rather a more retail mass marketing strategy and family. Bank Funds are sold through bank licensed individuals and are usually limited to their own bank fund line-up and all other universal top performing Canadian funds are not accessible. Independent investment and financial advisors are able to sell, manage and maintain a complete portfolio of funds with one consolidated statement that includes rrsp and open money investing along with other important personal finance tracking.

Bank Mutual Funds should be investigated for their investing value alongside the biggest and best known mutual fund and investment fund management companies and organizations. Bank Funds may have their value and maybe different according to other bank funds and family of funds within each bank and still different in returns with industry comparison and analysis. Mutual Fund Review where bank funds are studied and compared industry wide by exact mutual fund category should be considered and explored for overall value by bank by fund and by industry.

Beyond bank funds and the mutual funds advisor channel stock licensed individuals and companies also sell mutual funds, these investment firms focus on stocks, bonds and other securities where mutual funds are a considerable percentage of their commercial or pension business.




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